What We Offer

Custom Feeding

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Manure pumping

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Custom Cattle Hauling

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Custom Silage Chopping

     Available in Georgia and Illinois

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Purebred Genetics 

   Registered Charolais Cattle

The Feedlot

There's Profit in Retained Ownership!

 Get paid for your hard work

  • You’ve vaccinated, weaned, sorted, and fed them, might as well reap all the benefits of your hard work
  • This fall and Spring, Ag Economist have said that "producers can gain an extra $ 102 dollars by retaining their calves at a custom feedlot all the way to finish."

Get paid for your genetics

  • You bought good bulls and have built a great calf, why not get paid for it? All those dollars spent on extra growth and extra  marbling are wasted unless you sell finished cattle on a grid that pays you for it.
  • Low calf prices and cheap feed spell “Profit” for retaining your calves all the way through.
  • No money lost to middlemen!
  • You pay NO commission or fees when you own them all the way through. That money stays in your pocket where it belongs.

Advantages for feeding at Black Gold’s Illinois feedlot

Abundant supply of cheap feed

  • Located in Central Illinois Black Gold’s feedlot is in the center of the corn belt and has a huge supply of corn, distillers grain from ethanol production, and food grade by-products literally at our door step. There’s no freight issue ever about getting feed shipped in. It’s cheaper to ship cattle to feed than feed to cattle and your feed bill will prove it.

Less freight to feedlot

  • From Macon, Georgia to Amarillo is right at 1200 miles. Macon to Vermont, Illinois is 770 miles. That extra 430 miles means more shrink, more stress. Trucks going to feedlots west of the Mississippi River drive right through Illinois. Reducing stress puts your cattle on the fast track to a successful finish.

Cattle all have a roof over their head

  • Feeding inside on concrete eliminates the weather from the feeding equation. No Mud means your cattle will feed as efficiently as possible. The design of our barn allows the cattle to lay out in the sun in the winter, but stand in the shade in the summer eliminating the issue of heat stress as well. 


  • Cattle fed in our barn consistently yield 64% and above. Certain cattle yield as much as an unheard of 68%.  Put a pencil to that and you’ll see those are really big dollars